Solar Water Pump Protection

We provide 100% protection & safety devices without requirements of other external sensors.Our safety covers-

A short circuit occurs when there is a serious fault in the system. In this condition, the system is turned OFF immediately.

Over-voltage condition occurs if the SPV panels are misconfigured and input SPV voltage is higher than specified. The system is turned OFF.

Motor stall condition occurs if the motor gets jammed due to soil or other obstruction. Such a stall causes the motor current to become high. The system is turned OFF.

Dry Run condition occurs when there is no water in the well.
Open Circuit fault condition will be triggered if one of the wire connections has come off.
When the SPCM current exceeds the rated value persistently for over 10 minutes, an over-current condition is triggered.
The SPCM hardware is equipped to protect itself against accidental reverse polarity connection of PV+ and PV-.
SPCM can be placed outside and will be protected against rain and dust.

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